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What is design build?

Design/build is a process where an entire remodeling or new construction project--from the initial design concepts and budgets to permits, regulations and zoning laws to actual construction and final walk through--are organized and performed by a single entity, a single point of responsibility.

In past decades, the traditional approach for construction projects consists of the appointment of a designer on one side, and the appointment of a contractor on the other side, typically an architect and a general contractor. The design-build system changes the traditional sequence of work.

So, why is this important to a homeowner? The efficiency of this process allows for tight control of costs; management of the construction schedule; and a quick turn-around between design, construction and completion. Design/build prevents remodeling horror stories. Senior staff oversees the entire process, ensuring that the project will be delivered on time and on budget.

What is Universal Design or Aging-in-Place?

By 2020, the population of retirement-age Americans is expected to grow by 75%. In a recent AARP survey of respondents 45 and older, 83% said they would prefer to live out their lives in their current homes rather than move into a retirement community, assisted living facility or nursing home.

But remaining in our homes is not without certain challenges. Homes that were convenient when we were younger can cause problems in later years. As our lifestyle and needs change, so should our home environments. In order to "age in place" many homes will need minor and/or major remodeling, depending on the specific needs of the occupants and conditions of their home.

Does L&M offer free estimates?

Sometimes. It depends on the scope and complexity of a project. For instance, a simple small job such as a deck doesn't take long to measure and research materials, so a free estimate is viable. However, an addition or an fire insurance claim is more complex and requires more hours to unearth all hidden issues such as mold or damaged infrastructure. In those cases, a design contract is more desireable.

Is my information protected on your site?

L&M Construction does not share any information collected on its site with any third parties. Your name, address and phone number are collected via a form, and only accessible by the owners of the company.



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