Summertime fun: Add a new deck


It’s finally summer and after a long cold winter in NH, homeowners are itching to get outside into the sun. What better way to enjoy a home than to add or improve decking? A well-designed deck can extend living space, allow room for family and friends to gather, increase summertime fun, and improve a home’s value.

If you are considering a new deck, here are some questions to answer before calling a qualified contractor:

  1. How are you going to use your deck? Each family’s needs will differ: some families want an outdoor kitchen, others are thinking of surrounding a pool, while others may want a quiet, private retreat.
  2.  How will you reach your deck? Will you need a staircase from the deck to the yard? Will your guests gain access through kitchen doors, or will you have a private entrance off a bedroom to a hot tub?
  3. Are you near a lake, river or have a pool? Moisture-resistant materials are a must.
  4. What “look” appeals to you? Does the style of your home work with sleek lines, or rustic elements? The colors of your house also come into play. You want the deck to complement and not distract from your home.

After you have thought about these questions, call an experienced contractor with a history of building decks.

Check out L&M’s portfolio for decks here, then give Rick or Jim a call to get professional advice on how to extend your living space, increase your summer enjoyment, and add value to your home.